Toy Box Fun

We purchased an ottoman several weeks ago to house Murray's toys. It's the perfect combination of foot rest/coffee table/toy box. Murray recently discovered how to open it and climb in. He is such a funny boy!

We had a very long night again last night with the croup. I ended up holding Murray in the recliner while he slept upright, though that still didn't help much. We took several trips outside to clear his passages, and also a long time in the steamy bathroom reading books. The cold air seems to work faster and better, so I think we'll opt for that again tonight. I took him in again today, and the doctor expects another rough night, but he should start feeling better tomorrow. Apparently the steroid shot they gave him last 72 hours, so we notice some improvement soon. The diffuser in his room with Eucalyptus seems to help as well.

He's been in a fantastic mood today, even tipping my plant over, after several stern "no-no's", he got that gleam in his eye and the second I turned around - CRASH. He's already testing us, and we're finding that he's quite stubborn, much like his mama.

I have a piano lesson to teach soon, so I best get prepared. She's learning so quickly for a beginner; I'm finding it difficult to challenge her!

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