The First Blizzard of the Season?

My last post was filled with grammatical errors, and I can only blame it on not proof reading the post. Yikes. I just re-read it and was horrified. I will try to do better.

The weekend brings another Christmas party tomorrow, but tonight shall be family night at home. These are my favorite evenings. After Murray goes to bed, Craig and I play cards, watch movies, or just do are own thing. Whatever we are in the mood for. It's just nice being together on a "non-school" night, knowing we have two days together as a family without work obligations.

We are stocked up for the blizzard; ready and waiting. It's supposed to be a doozy, so I hope you are all warm and safe when it hits. Then again, this is ND/MN; it could be 90 degrees tomorrow. Who knows? We can only hope.

Happy Friday.

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