20 or 40?

I have some fun pictures from our outing at the pumpkin patch, but of course I forgot the camera at home, so I will have to post them this evening or tomorrow.

I'm working full time this week, which I'm not too sure about. It's good for my depression, in a way, but I miss my special mornings and afternoons with Murray. I loathe loading him in the car at 7:15 to get him to daycare. I hate not being able to give him breakfast. I don't like that we can't play in the afternoon before his nap. My time with him seems so much shorter. It makes me so sad. I realize that many moms work full time, and that's great. I just don't think it's for me. Maybe when he's in kindergarten, but that's a long way off, thankfully. I am going to hang in there this week and we'll see what happens. I'm grateful that I have options and can choose how many hours I want to work.

Stay tuned for pictures!


Anonymous said...

Marie - love reading about your outings! I know today is a tough day, please know I have been thinking about all of you. Carol and I are hoping to see you, Murray, Maggie (and even Craig if he wants) on Vet's Day if that works out.. Let me know.


Marie said...

Thanks, Rhonda. I sure hope we can get together. I have to work, but maybe can arrange to be done early. . .