A Case of the Mondays

Ho hum. I have the Monday blues today. I'm feeling down and struggling to pull myself up. Murray cried when I dropped him off at daycare today (he usually doesn't); Mondays are tough on everyone.

We had a nice weekend, though a bit busier than planned. Craig hung the storm door in the back, and it looks so nice! The storm windows are up as well, just in time for the cold to set in. We spent some time with our good friend Troy, and of course, watched the Gopher's hockey game. Murray was able to spend some time with his Aunt Amy, and Sunday we just took it easy.

I am appalled at the audacity of certain realtors in this town. On Friday afternoon, someone knocked on our door, claiming that she had left a message that she was going to show the house. Now, this is bogus, because the listing instructs realtors to call our realtor, and only he has our cell numbers and home phone (it's unlisted). All we could really do is sit in the back yard while they looked around, and thankfully it didn't take very long. So, Saturday morning, we're all in our pajama's lounging around, having coffee, just generally enjoying being together. 10:15, the doorbell rings. Conversation as follows:

Realtor: "Did you get the message I left you that I was going to show your house today at 10:15?"

Me: "No, we don't have an answering machine and I just checked both of our cell phones; no messages."

Realtor (obviously backtracking): "Oh, well, I called your realtor and he said it was fine. Can we come in?"

Me: "Uh, sure, let me just pack up the baby, change our clothes, put the dogs out, etc."

Realtor: "Great, we'll be waiting in the driveway."

We were pretty frustrated to say the least. The house was in fair shape, so that wasn't a problem, it's just a pain to be interrupted when you least expect it. Our realtor always gives us notice, and he did not receive a call from either realtor, so they used the "popping in" tactic. I guess it's good that people are still interested, but it was pretty inconvenient. Let's just hope we get an offer after all of this.

Sorry about the long post today. I didn't think I had quite so much to vent about, but there it is. Hope everyone has super Monday.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

My hubby is a huge Gophers fan. :)
I hope the Monday blues have turned into a terrific Tuesday so far. And even if not, make a list of your blessings. That will help!

Marie said...

Thanks! I'm feeling better today, what a wonderful idea to make a list of blessings. I'll do just that.

Have a great week!