Ahh. . .it's Friday

I had a busy day today at work and am feeling really good about it. While my new position fell through (the person they hired to take my spot quit after one day), I am taking on extra responsibilties and loving every minute. Today my boss and I drove around town looking for prime billboard locations to decide where to place our client. I learned quite a bit (while I'm familiar with radio and tv, I'm learning about outdoor) and was pleased that he is still keeping his promise and eventually will be the executive assistant. He is so loyal and appreciative and in return, I offer the same.

Plans for the weekend? PJ day tomorrow, Sunday maybe the pumpkin patch if the weather holds. The forecast predicts rain, but it was completely incorrect today, so I'm banking on a beautiful day. Or maybe will just switch pj day with pumpkin patch day. Either way, I am so happy for a quiet weekend.

Have a great one!

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