Today I:

Woke up with Murray at five a.m., coaxed him back to sleep between Rudy, Craig and I; slept until eight a.m.; went to my manicure appointment; took Murray to swimming lessons, dunked him five times; visited with Jon and Troy and Craig; repeatedly demanded/pleaded that both boys go to sleep; had a fabulous afternoon/evening with family, held a baby for a long time; left dinner and dropped off a sleeping Murray; had another dinner with a dear friend; learned how to open the hood of our truck; jump started a vehicle with the help of said dear friend (no men involved), felt extremely empowered; cleaned up the garbage that the hounds got into while we were gone; fed said hounds cat food because I forgot to buy dog food; brushed dogs, and now, I think, I shall sleep.  And that is just a tidbit of my Saturday.  Insert yawn and snoring here.  God Bless~

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