Murray-isms; the Latest

Oh, the things that must go on in a child's mind.  Sometimes Craig and I are so flabbergasted at his speech that we don't know how to respond.  Here are a few of latest comments from Murray:

"Dad!  I tooted.  Excuse me!"

"Mama, NO THANK YOU I DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!" (this was after an underwater dunk at swimming lessons.

Murray was gobbling pistachios as if it were his last meal.  Craig asked, "Murray, does Linsay feed you at her house (daycare)?"  To which he replied, "She feed me all day long, Dad". 

"Mom, where the train?"  "It's pulling freight cars to other places to drop off supplies, I replied."  OH, out west to Grandpa Doug?"

"Mama, I do NOT love the hiccups."

When we were at open skate yesterday, he adamantly declared "I LOVE TO SKATE MAMA"!  The background of this story lies in the fact that I couldn't find my figure skates, so I rented some, plus I was a bit rusty and Uncle Jon worked with the boys since Craig was out of commission and I just plain stink.

There are so many more funny tidbits, but it would take me a very long time to write them all.  I do think, that for posterity, it's important to have these things recorded somewhere.

Don't forget to let the kid in you come out once in a while.

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