Craig attended his first physical therapy appointment this morning and came home with a list of stretches to do twice daily.  The plan is to stretch the muscles around the broken vertebrae, and then next week, begin strengthening (hopefully) those muscles.  The next CT Scan is scheduled for February 9, at which time we hope to be done with doctors and therapists and get back to normal.  He is allowed to take his brace off for one hour/day, increasing time every other day.  Slow and steady wins the race.

There are some positive outcomes (as with anything negative that happens) to Craig's injury.  Since Craig broke his back, I've learned how to jump-start a car (Peace Garden Mama and I accomplished this as a team, more to come on that story), I'm navigating the icy roads like a pro, today I ran the snow blower, and tonight I have to fill in as fry cook helping the Sons of the American Legion.  I like this feeling of independence.  I'm ready for more!

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, I'm so proud of you! And both of us for what we accomplished this weekend. As I mentioned to you, earlier in the day I helped a college student get out of a snowbank. Yes, me! I helped a guy get un-stuck! He said he'd just wait for his roommate to get done with work. I said, no way, let's do this! And when I couldn't find help, I borrowed a shovel and got things rolling. It's a great feeling, I agree!