Rose Colored Glasses, Part II, Or Is It Part III?

Apparently I should have my glasses adjusted.  All things considered, well. . .read on.

Due to recent security breaches in the Internet world (the latest one lists your income and maps your home), I've decided to take some precautions.  My Facebook page and this blog will no longer contain contact information, location, or anything else that should remain private.  I was too brave and trusting (go figure) and have realized that for the security of my family, I will now be a bit more guarded.

On to new adventures.  Despite a 13-hour day in my new role as Director of Annual Giving, I'm happy.  I'm exhausted, yes, but it's a fulfilled tired.  Our phone-a-thon had a super run tonight, even though we only had five callers.  I'm challenged, but am also able to find my niche in this new position.

When I called home after supper tonight, Murray cried when I explained that I wouldn't be home until after his bed time, but I assured him that I would give him a kiss while he slept.  I could just picture the crocodile tears streaming down his face.  When I hung up the phone, I burst into tears too.  We will all get used to this change, just as we have adjusted to other changes.  Who keeps moving the damn cheese?  But change is good and so is embracing each moment, one at a time; even if those moments aren't perfect. 

Which. They. Have. Not. Been. Perfect.  But you know what?  Nothing is ever the way it seems and we all perceive situations differently.    Rose colored glasses or not, I am, always have been, and always will be, an optimist.  If my heart gets broken, well, at least it didn't get me down when I needed to fight.  Maybe that makes me unrealistic and unwilling to face the truth, but when all is said is done, "this too, shall pass".  The other thing?  I respect the realistic point of view, but I'm just not capable of facing it until I've done everything I can to make sure that all is well.  G - I hope you are reading and I hope you know how very much I love and respect you.  We'll talk soon. 

That said, good night, and "Be At Peace".

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Brad said...

When you're feeling blue, remember.... it wasn't you in Colfax....