I woke up this morning to warm breath in my face and a voice that asked, "Mama, do you have to go to work AGAIN?"  After I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes (it was only 5:45 a.m.) I replied, "Yes, Murray, I do have to go to work today."  With tears in his eyes, a pout on his lips, he asked, "But why, Mama?"  "I have to go to work so that I can make money to buy food and clothes and do fun things, I said."  With that, he cheered right up, took me by the hand and exclaimed, "Get in the shower, Mom, time to get to work."  Craig was outside the door laughing; who better to tell me to go to work than a 3-year-old?

It's been a busy week, but isn't it always?  I love it.  I love being busy, feeling productive, and even the challenges.  But the best part, despite the crazy, is appreciating the peace and quiet once in a while. 

Happy weekend!  May you find a few moments to find some "you" time.  And I hope you can enjoy it by the fire place with a good book.

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Mom, Dad, Grant and Dylan said...

Oh I read all weekend long, hibernating myself from the cold! I finished 2 books in the Twilight Saga! Brad thinks I'm crazy as they were pretty big books but I couldn't put them down! Happy Monday!