But I Have To Use The Facilities - The RugRat Story

Please note:  I wrote this post on the very evening of the event, but neglected to tell the story until now. 

Here we go again.  I sincerely hope I can relate the following story so that you'll find it as funny as the four of us involved did.

The "Rugrats We Love!" and Craig and I were on our way home from Wahpeton, ND to Fargo this afternoon.  We had attended a funeral, for a very dear man and we were all feeling pretty blue.  Several miles out of town, Mrs. Rugrat exclaimed that she needed a bathroom - soon.  If you are unfamiliar with I-29, there are virtually no stops between the two cities (and if there were, we had already passed them).  Tom Tom told us that the town of Colfax, ND was three miles ahead, so we decided to stop, thinking there MUST be a bathroom in a cafe, or bar, or something.  Mr. Rugrat exited the interstate and by this time Mrs. Rugrat was about to burst.  We passed the school, found a closed gas station, a closed bar, and a closed cafe.  Finally, Mrs. Rugrat begged Mr. Rugrat to pull into the town's Post Office.  She was that desperate.  The Post Master wouldn't let her use the facilities, but told her to go across the street to the school.  Mrs. Rugrat came running out the door, sprinting, literally, between two men who were visiting in the parking lot and headed into the school.  The three of us were laughing so hard at this point that we could hardly breathe.  Mr. Rugrat pulled into the school parking lot and while we waited, we imagined many scenarios.  Would she be arrested?  Get detention?  Would someone call her mom?

Fortunately, Mrs. Rugrat came back, relieved and with no consequences.  The best parts of the story?  Apparently, bathroom emergencies happen often in the town of Colfax, so the Post Master sends people across the street to the school often to use the facilities.  Also, when Mrs. Rugrat encountered the two men talking in the street, one of them yelled, "You just passing through?" and she replied, "YES, I HAVE TO GO PEE!"

Some Junior High boys directed Mrs. Rugrat to the restroom (after she told them to "hurry up, I have to pee!) so all is well that ends well. 

I'm thinking that we need to road trip with the Rugrat's more often.  Next time, for a happy occasion, and next time, we'll limit Mrs. Rugrat's liquids.

I know that this story would be even more funny if one of the Rugrat's posted it, but indeed, you get my version.

Thanks guys, for making a sad day a little better. I'm really glad you had a full bladder, Mrs. Rugrat.  I'm sure Bill is laughing up there.

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Mom, Dad, Grant and Dylan said...

Well Mrs. Rugrat obviously has a small bladder and can't hold her liquids at all! Like I said, the wall of fame at the Colfax school was very interesting to see! It did help lighten the mood that's for sure and our road trips are like that quite often! Not sure if you and Craig would want to take too many with us! hahah! Great job at retelling it as well! Thanks for your friendship and the many laughs!