Get Out of My Driveway!

I was slowly backing out of my driveway, checking the mirrors, when I suddenly felt and heard a loud crunch.  Keep in mind, I was Still.  In.  My.  Own.  Driveway.  Anyway, I heard shouting so I got out of the truck to assess the situation.  I was afraid someone was injured, but what I encountered was an extremely livid young man calling me the nastiest names you can think of, and screaming that I should bleepity-bleep learn how to drive and yelling that he was going to sell his car today.  After he was finished ranting at me, he yelled at me to move forward (again in my own driveway) because he didn't have any traction.  I would like to point out that our driveway (which we share with our neighbors) is as clean as driveways can get in this weather.  Also, his car was not damaged, but my license plate was torn off.  The point is, if he wouldn't have been driving too fast for the conditions, this wouldn't have happened.

I was immediately on defense, and mad as hell.  Who does he think he is, speeding into MY driveway?  I understand turning around in someones driveway, but please, please, refrain from name-calling and shouting at me. Not to mention, you really should make sure that there isn't a car parked or backing up.  I was completely in my space, and not on or even near the street. 

Perhaps this is truly my fault and if so, I'm sorry.  I offered to give him my insurance information three times, but he refused;  "Too much hassle and not worth it", he said.

The funny thing is, when Craig came out of the house (brace and all), the guy calmed down and was quite pleasant, which makes me even more angry.  You have to wonder what his opinion of women is, but then again, he made it obvious.  It turns out that he's a friend of our neighbors across the street. 

His moral of the story is "check your* &^%$#@ mirrors.  My moral of the story is to be pleasant and discuss the situation in an appropriate manner.  And get the heck out of my driveway.

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Anonymous said...

What an a$$%#(^! Don't worry...karma will get him!