Introducing Maddy

Puppies are very much like having a newborn, except that babies are much easier. Little Maddy, my dad's 7 week old Gordon Setter arrived on Saturday morning. She is quite the handful. I'm used to Golden Retriever pups, who tend to be on the timid side. Not Maddy! She doesn't walk; she runs, and runs and runs until she finally collapses into a deep puppy sleep. Our poor big dogs aren't quite sure what to think. Rudy did play with her yesterday, but Nala tends to ignore her or growl at her to stay away. Kirby the cat, on the other hand, hasn't been seen since the arrival of Maddy, except for at meal times. Otherwise, he's hiding in the basement where she can't get at him. Next is Murray; he has a love/hate relationship with her. He thinks she's so funny, but when she jumps on him, even though she's tiny, it scares him. This morning we had to do a complete change of clothes because Maddy got excited and jumped on him, knocking him right into the big dogs' water dish. He was soaked. Introducing Maddy:
On Saturday, we gathered at the Grandpa and Grandma's to help take the docks out of the lake for the season. It was the strangest weather I can recall on dock day. I thought this picture was so beautiful: The deck is covered in clean, white snow, and on top is a thick layer of bright green leaves. Note the lone orange Maple leaf in the middle.

Here is a picture (taken from the snowy/leafy deck) of my Grandpa, Craig and my uncle getting the docks out in the snow:

I attended Mass by myself yesterday; Craig wasn't feeling the best, so he stayed home with Murray. I wanted to say the rosary before our service began, which is impossible with a toddler in tow. As much I as I missed attending Mass with my family, there was something peaceful about being able to sink myself into the presence of God without worrying if Murray had colored on the pew or trying to corral him between us. I think next week, we'll try the nursery. I do want him to learn to enjoy Mass as much as I do, but I'm thinking he may be a bit young. Any thoughts?

I'm not even close to being ready for this weather, but there are worse things to complain about! Be safe in your travels!


Momma tackles 3 said...

yeah I am an avid user of the nursery. Most kids love it. I have always felt bad for bringing them to Mass but have realized that know that TJ is 6 he is getting alot out of it. I know he goes on Wed. with his class but he sits better now, he asks questions after mass and learns alot about Mass not nessarily just at Mass but at Home and School. Try to attend the Mission Week, I have heard great things...this domestic church thing is amazing to hear about. Hope you can attend....we could swap kids if you want to...Nursery might be open too. Plus Ashley is great down there. Murray will like her alot. You should consider her a babysitter. Lisa M uses her too! She is great!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, cute puppy. As for keeping a child interested in Mass, it might be a while yet, but it will come! Still, don't set yourself up. They say that until 3, kids really shouldn't be expected to be lap-sitters. There are different thresholds for what is acceptable within a family. You are doing your best, trying some things. It will all come together. Life isn't supposed to be perfect, especially when you have children. :)