Croup, Be Gone!

I stood in front of the medicine cabinet this morning, toothbrush in hand, not remembering why I opened it in the first place. It took me about 30 seconds to remember that I was going to brush my teeth and for that I needed the toothpaste. That's when I realized that I'm sleep-deprived.

Murray was diagnosed with croup on Tuesday. He slept peacefully that night, thanks to a steroid that he took at the doctor's office. Even so, Craig and I were awake every hour or so checking on him. Last night was a completely different story. To make a long story short, Craig and I each took a couch in the living room and Murray slept in the recliner; Shark Tales was on repeat and muted. This was the only way we could get him to calm down enough to at least doze for an hour or so at a time. Craig took him to the doctor again this morning. He received another dose of steroids and we are under strict instructions not to let him get riled up. In a toddlers' world, this means he pretty much gets whatever he wants; for the time being anyway! Unfortunately, he didn't get to wear his costume to daycare today and celebrate Halloween with his "frens". We have cool mist humidifiers running throughout the house, we've run out of hot water in the bathroom several times, given him several glasses of warm juice, and even stuck his head in front of the open freezer. Poor Craig; he can't leave Murray for a second or he starts to wail. I'm sure he's ready to catch up on some sleep.

It could be worse. It's not the flu and we are thanking God for that. I remember that last year it took Murray several days to get over the croup. We'll just wait it out.

One of my very favorite charities has always been the Meritcare Children's Hospital. As most of you know, the doctors and nurses in the Neo-Nicu saved our nephew's life. He's almost 2 years old now and doing just beautifully! Anyway, in addition to this wonderful cause, I've decided to join the March of Dimes Jail and Bail fundraiser this year. If you didn't receive an email from me, check out my website: My goal is to raise $750.00 by November 17th. If you are able to help, any amount would be greatly appreciated. Your donations are completely tax deductible - contact me for a receipt for your records.

Have a safe and fun Halloween.

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maggie said...

Poor poor murray :( I talked to him tonight. He is soooo cute. I hope he feels better soon. I will be over tomorrow to pick up a phone from craig so if u r sleeping u can leave it in the entryway. I should be there about 10.