Gas Tanks and Olive Oil

The old saying, "you learn something new everyday" is true. Just for fun, I'm going to experiment a bit. For one week, I'm going to keep track of at least one new thing that I learn each day. So here goes (I'm starting with Sunday):

Sunday: I learned that you can tell which side your gas tank is on by looking at the fuel gauge. In the middle, there is an arrow that points to the direction of the gas tank. I was so excited when Craig pointed out this fun fact. I'm constantly pulling up to the wrong side of the tank, since I switch cars so often. Now I won't have to be confused (well, at least about how to gas up the vehicle).

Monday: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is much more fattening than plain Olive Oil. Who would have thunk it? The words "Extra Virgin" lead one to believe that it would be lower in calories and fat. Not so much - it's just the opposite.

Feel free to share something new that you learned. This could get interesting!


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, what a great idea! Hmmm...let's see. Recently I learned that even when your mom comes for a visit and washes the backlog of laundry, it STILL piles up nice and high the minute she drives away. Hmmm....oh well. It was down for five minutes, anyway. :)

Marie said...

Roxane, that is so funny! It seems like every morning I'm running down to the dryer to find something to wear. I promise myself every weekend that I will have every stich in the house clean, but it never happens. I guess it's like paying your mortgage or student loans. They'll all be there!