Polly Want a Cracker or *#*&#&****?

I haven't made an effort to sit down and write for several days. I have been tackling some personal issues which have zapped my energy on a regular basis. I'll spare you the details, but just know that I'm back with bells on.

That said, we've been spending a lot of family time together whenever possible. Craig is traveling so much these days that we try to take advantage of every moment we can. Since my last post, we've discovered that we don't have a toddler - we have a myna bird (do myna birds speak? Maybe I mean a parrot). Everything, and I mean everything we say and do is repeated. Anyone who spends time with children will understand exactly what I'm talking about. We've come to the realization that every action and every word counts. What Murray doesn't mimic immediately is stored in his brain and haunts us later. When we thought that we knew this day was coming, we had no idea what we were in for. I still cringe every time he says the word "truck". You can imagine why. When Craig begins to yell at yet another stupid driver (he is the only decent driver on any road in the lower 48, any passenger of his would derive), he stops himself abruptly and out comes some hilarious mumbo jumbo under his breath. I would translate it for you, but it's not appropriate for any age. Anyway, we're learning right along side Mur-man the do's and don't's of good manners. And we thought we were well-behaved!

I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my dad's new pup on Saturday. My new "sister" will be seven weeks old, and is already paper trained, as well as doing very well "going" outside. We will have her for a week, and then my dad will come to take her permanently. I will post pictures as soon as she's in our arms.

Find some sunshine today. If it's not outside, check your heart.
Peace out.


maggie said...

I feel like a dog......i know you did not just say that......haha jk

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, too funny, and oh, how well I know the tape recording factor of little ones. Sometimes, though, it's not the parents but television or other people in their lives that they mimic. Most of the time, though, yeah, we can only point to ourselves. Really makes one think about what's coming out of the mouth. It's one more way our children transform us, bring us closer to the God who created us and wants great things for us. :) Oh, how we are humbled through parenting!

Marie said...

You are right on the money - another way that God's love affects us through the eyes of our children. I was listenting to a favorite country song of mine this morning "Watching You" by Rodney Atkins. It almost brought tears to my eyes. It talks about how his four year old wants to be just like his dad - watching him and copying everything he does - even praying. You should google it and see if you can find the lyrcis. It's such a sweet song!