Did You Know? Day 2

I've retitled my posts for my trial week of learning something new each day. Please feel free to share what you have learned today. Learning new things can be funny too! For instance, Roxane, Peace Garden Mama wrote that she learned that even after her mom comes to stay and does the majority of the laundry, the minute she leaves, it's all piled up again!

Today I've learned:

1. When you exercise in the water (i.e. water aerobics), you generally work 2 (or more) muscles at a time vs. exercising on land, when you work one muscle with each activity.

2. Getting up at 5:15 to get to the Y was way too early. I had plenty of time and sat around waiting for class to begin when I could have grabbed another 15 minutes of sleep.

The day is still young; maybe I'll learn even more new things!

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