Oh How Time Flies

After re-reading my last post and doing some serious soul-searching this weekend, I'm feeling at peace once again. It's just a job - five hours a day, and we do have a great camaraderie around here. We all have our cranky days; it's not worth stewing about.

What a beautiful weekend! I ignored the housework again and we concentrated on the yard. It needs a lot of work, especially before we put it back on the market. Our front steps are crumbling, so we need to tear them out and re-do the sidewalk. We're also going to put brick around the base of the house in the front to add curb appeal. In addition, we will install an egress window downstairs so we can list the house as a three bedroom. The most exciting improvement though, is the addition of central air. I am so excited. We have 3 window units and every year Craig and I end up in an argument putting them in because they are too heavy for me and I get frustrated (similar to purchasing and putting up the Christmas tree). Hopefully these improvements will help the sale of the house.

We took Murray to the doctor yesterday, and sure enough, he does have hand, foot, & mouth disease. It's not treated by medication, so we just have to let it run it's course. He's been pretty clingy and super tired. We're hoping it will clear up in a few days.

We have a busy week again this week. Vet appts., softball, Dr. appts., and finally to the lake on Friday. I feel like the days are flying by. I have only just begun my summer hours, and I already know how much I will miss my three day weekends after Labor Day.

It's almost time for me to go play with the twins, one of my favorite parts of the day. I can't wait until Murray is better so that he can join me!


Maggie said...

So, are you going to make the sidewalk level so the rain and ice doesn't pile up there? That would be spectacular!

Marie said...

Ha, ha. Yes, of course we will fix it! That part will happen this fall. The central air should go in soon.