A 20-Something Birthday Party

When asked what I wanted to do for my birthday, my answer was, go to the lake, of course. So we did. When asked what I wanted as a gift, my answer was, a visit from Merry Maids, of course. So that's what I received. Call me lazy, but I am thrilled to have someone come to our home while I am away and do the deep cleaning that I've been avoiding (or just too busy, tired out and unmotivated to accomplish). The everyday chores I can handle if I can start with a fresh home. Maintenance is easy - I struggle when it gets out of hand. It will be such a treat! No doubt Craig was tired of the mess too, which is probably why he agreed.

Other fantastic gifts included the latest Keri Noble CD (one of my fav's), a whole kit on Baby Sign Language, and a gift certificate for a pedicure. I've gotten off track here. It's not about the gifts, (although all were incredibly thoughtful). The point was that I was spoiled rotten and I loved every minute. The weather was fantastic and my family made me feel so loved. I'm truly blessed.

Here is a video of the new "captain" of Grandpa and Grandma's boat. He only crashed us a few times. . .

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