I've been absent lately, not by choice, but just the same. It seems as though we're hurtling towards winter and we're only 10 days into June. Maybe it's the weather. It's awfully depressing to "skip" summer. So I've decided to post one of my favorite lake pictures (it's blurry). The beauty of this particular shot is that to me, it demonstrates absolute serenity. It was a cold, cloudy evening last weekend, but it was also so peaceful. Whether we find serenity outdoors in the sun, or curled up on the couch with a good book during a rain shower; serenity is vital to living a happy life.

Craig plays softball one night a week. We haven't been able to attend a game because either the weather was terrible or they played in the 9pm and 10pm slots. This Monday was the first time this season that everything worked in our favor. Murray had a chance to run the bases and throw the ball with friends Grant and Dylan.

Murray is going to start at a new daycare on Monday. I'm very sad to leave the Enrichment Center - he's learned so much and absolutely loves it - but we've been waiting for this spot at a particular home daycare to open up since I was five weeks pregnant. Our new child care provider is excellent (to say the least). Murray's cousin of the same age attends there, so it will be fun to have them together every day. The other good thing about the switch is that our new provider lives very close to the home of the twins, whom I take care of in the afternoons. The twins' parents said that Murray can accompany me any time. Once I get the hang of the twins' schedules, I will feel more comfortable having him there to "help".

Speaking of children, we are having so much fun with Murray. This age is hysterical. His little brain is like a sponge; he's constantly learning new things. This morning, for instance, we were getting dressed and he began to roll his wrists. I assumed he was doing patty cake, but when I tried to do it with him, he shook his head at me. Puzzled as to where he was going with this, I tried "The Wheels on The Bus". I was shocked that he knew the actions to the five verses that I could remember. Part of this, I think, has to do with my aunt Sue, who has been singing this to him since he was tiny. When I asked daycare today about the song, they confirmed that some days, the toddlers will sing the song over and over and over. . .

Enjoy the sunny day. I pray that you take some time today and find "serendipity".

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