My Plate is Full (and My Cup Runneth Over)

I woke up this morning in excruciating pain. My lower back was screaming at me as if I had personally offended it. I made it to my office, and promptly went down the hall to the chiropractor (thank goodness we share a building). Turns out my pelvis is out of whack (probably due to moving and lifting things by myself last night) which in turn causes muscle spasms and much pain. I will need a 2 more visits, and then he said we should have it cleared up. But, until Tuesday, he expects I will be hurting.

So, no big deal really. There are worse things. The timing is rotten, as this weekend is going to be a zoo. My dad is arriving at our home tonight. Tomorrow, Grandpa and Grandma will join us in Fargo for a small celebration in honor of our mom. Some of her colleagues put together a motorcycle rally for those who have passed during their time with ND BCI. Unbelievably, considering the type of work they do, there have only been four who have died since 1916, the first. The last three who expired during their tenure have all taken place in the last three years. Anyway, after the ceremony, Maggie, myself, and my dad will hop on a plane to Denver to visit Flynn and Pat. One of our cousins will meet us in Denver as well. This will be the highlight of my weekend. I am very excited to see Flynn.

When I land on Sunday, I will run home and get ready for the sad (part II) of the weekend. The prayer service for Evelyn (Craig's grandmother) is on Sunday evening with the funeral to take place on Monday morning. It will be difficult, to say the least.

My point of all of this is not to whine. In fact, I'm loving every minute of this crazy life. What amazes me is how so much can happen in an instant, or an hour, or a year. It's just as I said yesterday: we appreciate the good and find what good we can in the bad. I'm going to do just that. At least for today. One step at a time. . .

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