Miscellaneous Things

Do you ever wonder why things happen? I was thinking today about all of the things in life (and not just my life) and began to question. Some things are simple, others are a bit more complex.

Yesterday we received a phone call that several members of ND BCI are having a motorcycle rally for their fallen agents. They plan to leave headquarters and visit the families (there are 3 as of late) of those deceased. We are all honored, to say the least. I will not disclose the location or time, because we need some privacy during this tribute to my mom and her late colleagues. We are touched; thrilled that our mom, daughter, sister, and friend will be recognized.

On another note: the "terrible twos" have hit hard and fast, and early. At 19 mos., Murray has learned to test our patience. We're still learning that when we say no; we have to follow through, no matter what. For example, after our morning routine (the last chore is feeding and watering the dogs outside) Mr. Terrible decided that it was time to play. Normally when I tell him to get in the car he does without protest. Today was a completely different story. He plopped himself in the grass and screamed his pretty big (yes, I meant to use the word big) head off. Craig and I do not put up with tantrums. We either ignore it, or deal with it using our philosophy of discipline. Anyway, once I had him in the car seat, he slapped me several times. After 3 firm no's and holding his arms down, and stating, "we don't hit", he got a swat on the behind. He cried for about 2 seconds, realized that he was in the wrong and then gave me a kiss.

I will be interested to hear comments on this post. I know that there are many good parents who do not believe in spanking. We don't make a habit of it and most importantly, (Rox - how is my punctuation? ) We don't threaten. Either do it or don't, is our rule. We give 2 choices - from eating to playing; playing to being generally pissed off, etc. One of my favorites that always works is this: "Murray, we are going to change your diaper". Murray: "No no no no". At this point, I will tell him that he can walk to the changing table, or I will help him walk. Works about 90% of the time. Toddlers love to be independent.

I'm off to bed, We have Midwest Kid's Fest tomorrow and I'm so excited. We are going to begin the day with the Teddy Bear Parade. Pooh Bear (puh - bear!) is the honorary guest.

God bless and thanks for reading . . .

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