Work Woes

I need to vent today. I've been working in my current position as an executive assistant for a small firm in the community for almost three years. When I returned to work after maternity leave, I requested part time hours, which my boss generously granted on the condition that I would still be able to keep up with the daily routine. I did, it worked beautifully, and we were all happy (I was saving the company money). I was challenged, busy and fulfilled at work. I looked forward to my office hours each day.

Several months ago, a once full time, then very part-time employee, was hired back full time. Suddenly, I find myself with no responsibility - except to occasionally send a fax or file something. Said tasks are ordered of me from this particular co-worker (not my boss). She's incredibly bright, though her people skills are quite harsh. We compliment each other nicely when we work together. The problem is, she has taken over everything! Literally, everything, including my boss. I haven't heard two words from him (besides questioning the way I handled my only task yesterday) in months. Oh wait, on Tuesday I politely waited for his attention to remind him that I had a Dr.'s appointment the following morning. He interrupted me with a sharp, "I don't care. I'm much to busy to worry about that!" Sheesh, it wasn't like I was going to go into detail about what the appointment was for. I just wanted him to know that I would be about 15 minutes late. I'm confused, upset, and frankly, bored out of my gourd. I was raised to work hard and excel at what I do. Up until recently, I thought I was right on track.

Now, I know I should probably sit down and discuss these matters with my boss, but I just don't have the heart anymore. The last time we had a discussion about my position here, I ended up paying for lunch (his and mine), and nothing was accomplished except for empty promises. I don't necessarily want to look elsewhere for several reasons. One, the flexibility of my hours is very hard to find. Another is that when I was busy, I loved my work. I love the excitement and creativity of the advertising world. It's just not coming across my desk anymore.

That said, I'm done feeling sorry for myself. God has a plan, and I trust that He will help to lead me down the proper path. For now, I will count my blessings. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and I have a great life. One of the many reasons I love this blog is because writing helps to put things into perspective and bring me back around to optimism.

On a bright note, I have had 2 wonderful afternoons with the twins (they turn 4 mos. today). They are very laid-back babies. Today I plan to tackle the double stroller and take us for a walk. I did say I wanted a challenge!

Murray woke with a fever of 102 degrees on Tuesday night, so Craig was home with him yesterday. He's been a very sad boy, but today seemed to be back to his normal cheery self. I'm hoping it was just a 24 hour bug.

I'm off to read my book for another hour until it's time to go.

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, sorry to hear of the work issues. You are a great person and any employer should be happy to have you. It's possible God does have other plans in mind for you, and is trying to ease you away. I am confident you'll figure it out. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend, and the sun! There's much to be joyful about. Glad you are able to seize those moments, too.