Weekend Frenzy

Note: Edited for lack of a title.

I am at my desk, almost falling asleep. I am completely exhausted from the events of the weekend.

Maggie's commencement was wonderful. . .except for the keynote speaker. I don't recall ever having heard such a narcissistic speech in my entire life. He droned on and on about himself and his accomplishments. Everyone in the auditorium pretty much stopped listening after about 20 minutes. I feel sorry for him; if they don't review the speaker's speech before the ceremony, they really should. It had little -to - nothing to do with the graduates.

Other than that, the party was a success. We went to the lake on Saturday to help with the docks and lifts. It was a bit chilly, but was still the most beautiful weather we've had on dock day in years. It's usually raining, snowing, and windy.

My dad built the cutest children's picnic table for Murray. He LOVES it! He ate his lunch and his snack out side yesterday. Owen and Jon came over to play and the boys had fun playing (and fighting) with each other. I wasn't able to capture the funniest moments, but I did get some good video footage and still shots.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, too bad about that speaker? Now I'm curious who it was. What a disappointment. But lots of successes too. That table for Murray is awesome! How fun that his grandpa made him his very own table. Hope you get caught up on rest...

Marie said...

Thanks, Roxane. I'll email you tomorrow with the speaker's name. He's a very prominent figure in the community and I didn't want to post it publicly.

We love our table for Murray. Maggie and I have been asking my dad to build us things for years (he's an industrial arts teacher and incredibly talented) but Murray finally received the first of dad's handiwork!