Marie's Big Adventure

Where to begin? My trip was wonderful. It was super to "find myself" again. I missed Murray and DH terribly, but I enjoyed my alone time. I discovered that I can be adventurous, even if I'm on my own.

I arrived in Las Vegas at 8:30am. Let me tell you, I wish I could afford to fly first class on every trip. Free beverages in REAL glasses! Needless to say, I was a bit tipsy when I arrived but that didn't stop me. I couldn't check into the Luxor until 11:00am, so I found the nearest salon and had a pedicure while I waited.

Upon check in, it took me literally an hour to find my room. Every hotel attendant I asked instructed me to find the elevator's by the Starbuck's. Do you know how many Starbuck's are in the hotel? I lost count after 10, and I know there are more. By the time I arrived in my room on the 20th floor I needed a nap.

Other events of the weekend included a day at the pool - there is definitely a reason why Las Vegas is nicknamed Sin City. I'll leave out the details, but I thought I was pretty worldly until I witnessed some of the things that take place at the pool.

The weather was gorgeous. It was 90 degrees and sunny all three days. I shopped, did some sight seeing and a lot of reading and relaxing. The most fun that I had as far as gambling was learning how to play craps. I even won $100.00! Who knew I would be brave enough to even try? Thanks to the nice guy next to me who was my teacher. I also won $85.00 at video poker, but that was the extent of my winnings. I certainly didn't come out ahead, but I had a ball.

To sum up the city of Las Vegas, I would say ANYTHING GOES! I can't wait to visit again with DH.

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, good for you! Wow. That was an act of bravery. So glad you had a good time. Finding yourself, being at peace with you, is the most wonderful gift you can give yourself. This was a big trip for you and you ought to be very proud of what you accomplished in going solo. Welcome home!