Wow, it's been a whirlwind of activity and it's only getting busier. We completely overhauled our house on Saturday - adding new furniture, throwing out old furniture (sorry, the John Travolta dresser had to go), rearranging, etc. I just love what we've done and many thanks to S & T for their decorating and moving help. S just has such a fabulous sense of style, and actually, her husband does too!

On Sunday we spent time with Craig's family at his sister's house. It was fun to see the cousins play together and the Vikings win! After the game, we went to the lake to be with Grandpa and Grandma.

Monday was the one year anniversary (I despise calling it an anniversary; it doesn't feel like the right word) of our Mom's death. It was very difficult, but that is to be expected. I spent some special quiet time sitting at the beach, watching the stars, remembering her (this was a tradition of ours; including my sister, that started before I can remember). I'm still struggling, but expect to for a while. As I've stated many times this isn't a short process. I have many blessings, I just wish I could share them with her. Anyway, enough of the pity party. Today is a new day, and a good one at that. I'm off to vote!!!

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