Happy First Birthday, Little One

Dear Murray,

One year ago today, at this time, you were still in my tummy; we were waiting impatiently for you to make your grand entrance into this world. What a grand entrance it was! Although you took your time, you finally arrived at 5:56pm. Words cannot describe how thrilled we were (and still are). When I heard your first cry, I cried right along with you, though my tears were tears of joy. November 14, 2007 was the best day of our lives.

What a year we've had! You have been very busy growing and learning. To date, you are almost walking, and getting into everything. You are a very curious boy who loves animals and cell phones, but most of all, your daddy. When you were born, you weighed 9 lbs. 2 oz, and now you weigh 21.9 lbs. That's a lot of growing!

Mama is a bit sad today; it's amazing how fast you've grown. You are officially weaned from your bottle, and are very good at eating anything we put in front of you. But even though I'm sad that you are growing up so fast, your daddy and I are having so much fun watching you learn and grow. We are very proud of you.

So, even though you don't realize that today is such a special day, we do, and we celebrate in your honor. God bless you, sweet boy, and happy first birthday!

Mama and Daddy

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Oh, I remember my first child's first birthday. We had quite a party at Chuck E. Cheese's. He was completely overwhelmed. I have been trying to get away from that place ever since. :) Good memories, though, of firsts, and the start of another grand year. Happy Birthday Murray! You're a lucky guy.