A Very Happy Birthday

Finally, some pictures of the party. As you can see, the Speak Easy did a fantastic job.

Murray was VERY unhappy when we put his "See N Say" away so that he could open another gift. Sheesh.

Murray loved the lasagna, but wasn't such a fan of the cake. Hmm. . .maybe I've taken the minimal -to - no - sugar rule too far.
All in all, he had a great time, even though you couldn't tell by looking at the pictures. We have some wonderful video footage, but it's too big to post here. It will be fun to show him when he gets older. Anyway, it was a successful party and I do believe fun was had by all.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Oh, so sweet, even the crying. That will be one to keep for a very long time. :)

Marie said...

He will laugh some day when he sees these. Oh, the innocence and simplicity.