Thank You

To all of you who have emailed, called, or posted a comment, I appreciate your support more than I can explain. It really helps to have a foundation of concerned friends and family, and with your help, I will get through this.

Life at Prairie is difficult to explain. I just received my treatment plan this afternoon, and my team has not decided how long I will stay, or if I will need to spend some time on the full hospitalization floor (where you stay overnight). I hope that won't be the case, but I'm willing to do what it takes to recover. It takes a lot of self examination and honesty to get through each day, but I am learning (and re-learning) many new things about myself. I listened to one woman today who is nearing the end of her stay at Prairie, and she described finding her old self again and how wonderful it felt. It's funny, because that's exactly how I feel. I feel like the old Marie is on an extended vacation, and now I'm in the process of finding her again.

We had a nice labor day weekend. We spent Sunday at the lake and just relaxed. It was nice to just "be". Murray came down with a fever yesterday and is still battling it today. Craig took him to the walk-in clinic while I was at therapy today, and he has a viral infection. It should clear up in 72 hours or so. He's been a very sad, fussy baby.

Tomorrow brings another day. Tonight I am going to practice some of the skills I've been learning and get some rest. Peace to all, and again, thank you for the support.

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