Stepping (limping) Out

We have finally arrived in St. Paul, after what seemed like the longest car ride ever. Murray did not sleep until 30 minutes before we arrived, so it was a bit difficult (to put it mildly) to get him to settle down. Our hotel room comes with a complimentary relaxation CD, so I popped it in and it's about to put me to sleep too.

I was uber organized for this trip, or so I thought, but upon arrival, realized that I forgot all of my meds (it's the dementia again). I have nothing for anxiety, which is the one that worries me the most. Hopefully, my doctor will be able to call in a small supply to a pharmacy near our hotel to get me through the weeekend. Otherwise, if anyone is going to be in the cities tomorrow, please call me!!! :) Good thing I've been learning so many cognitive coping strategies.

I went to the foot doctor today and he told me that there isn't anything to do except let the bones heal. About six weeks he thinks. At least I don't have to wear a hard cast, and I'm very happy about not having to have surgery.

I hope to do some shopping tomorrow, and take Murray in the pool while Craig is in meetings. I also plan to nap whenever Murray does. Since I don't drive in the cities, and I have one bad foot, the shopping part may not get accomplished until Craig is out of conferences. On Saturday, we are taking Murray to Como - I am so excited for this. I'll probably have to get a motorized cart, but I don't care. It should be fun. I'm most excited to see the giraffes (I've always wanted one).

This CD is really doing the trick. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Stay tuned for zoo pictures!

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