I'm Still A Klutz

Yesterday afternoon as we were packing up the car, I tripped over the edging that surrounds my hostas and injured my foot. I have no idea what is wrong with it, but I can hardly walk and it hurts even if I don't move. I swear, I'm really testing poor Craig, what with all of the injuries I've had in the past year. Sprained ankle, allergic reactions to bee stings (this happened twice in one month), mental illness and now this. I will ask to see the medical doctor at Prairie on Monday, but for now, it's ice and Aleve, which doesn't really seem to be helping.

It's not a sunny day at the lake, but it's completely serene. There is no wind, and the temperature is just perfect. As soon as Murray takes a nap, I plan to find a comfy chair outside and do some writing.

I hope that today finds you relaxing or enjoying whatever leisure activity it is that you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

suresthis is the time everyone enjoys looking murrays smiling , gestures,crying...i love murray...my sweet kiss on murrays cheek...

Marie said...

Hello, Anonymous,thank you for your wonderful comment. I'm curious about your identity - could you email me at beckerleg@hotmail.com