Hello Pete

Pete may not know it yet, and he probably doesn't care, but it's official. We will be visiting him again in February. Pete is our favorite bartender at the Hale Koa in Hawaii. Craig is booking our tickets as I write this. We are thrilled that the Finks will be joining us and feel that they are brave to travel with us, since Murray will be a little over a year when we go. There is just something magical about knowing you are going on vacation, especially when you know you can leave the cold and be warm for a while.

Today is a good day. We close at noon on Fridays, so I'm looking forward to having the whole afternoon free to run errands and get some things done so we can enjoy the weekend. It may be raining, but there are worse things. It's a good day to snuggle up with a good book and a favorite beverage. I think I'll do just that. TTFN!

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