Good Thing I'm A Morning Person

New pics of Murray - check out a few at:

We had a beautiful, relaxing weekend. I haven't been so at ease in a long time and it felt wonderful. The weather was mediocre on Saturday, beautiful on Sunday, and terrible yesterday. Murray was an angel (probably because he received constant attention), the dogs had a blast, and Craig and I even got some time to ourselves. Yesterday we unpacked and reorganized for the week. Since we both only work half days on Fridays during the summer, this week should fly!

Murray has a new trick. He pretends to "cough" and then giggles. It's the funniest thing. I realize that most babies do this at some point, but it's still pretty cute. He thinks he is so clever, but actually, we do too. We keep telling him how smart he is. :)

Speaking of Murray, he slept through the night last night. I did not. I kept waking up thinking he wasn't breathing and wondering when he would start squawking for a bottle. By the time I finally settled myself into a deep sleep, it was five thirty and Murray was ready for the day! I've decided that I can handle waking up at 5:30, as long as it's at least starting to get light out. It gives us more time to play together in the morning, I can get a ton of extra housework done, and I even went for my walk this morning (much to Rudy's delight). I am not feeling any more tired than I usually do. What's ironic about the whole situation is that Murray likes to take his nap around 7:30am or so, when we are well into our day. How I'd LOVE to join him!

I'm off to pick up Little One, then wrestle both dogs into the truck and over to the vet. I'm not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to take them both at once, but it's too late now. Live and learn, I guess.

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