I have been researching the benefits of holistic medicine. For the past few years, I've dabbled with essential oils, but I've finally taken the plunge and purchased a diffuser for our home. The benefits of using essential oils are amazing - I have witnessed many different "cures" (for lack of a better word). It all began several years ago when I sunburned my arms so terribly that I blistered. My friend Lisa noticed and talked me into rubbing some lavender oil onto one arm. I was skeptical, but miserable, so I tried it. The next morning, the arm that I used a few drops of oil on was completely healed, while the other arm was still blistered. Since that time, I've become a believer. Essential Oils have THOUSANDS of uses, and most importantly, they remove the toxins from the air in your home if diffused properly. There are only two companies in the world who produce grade A therapeutic essential oils ( is one of them). It's important to purchase oils only from these two companies, because those sold in grocery stores, health food stores, etc. are not pure. These have added chemicals which can actually do more harm than good. I could go on and on, but I won't, because I'd be writing all day. Anyway, this is another exciting change on our venture to healthy living.

Speaking of healthy living, against our better judgement, Murray had his first "unhealthy" food over the weekend. Craig and I walked into the living room one afternoon, and caught my grandma and Murray sharing an ice cream bar. Well, they weren't exactly sharing it. Grandma's defense was that she was holding Murray and he grabbed the ice cream bar right out of her hand. Hmmm. . .sounds a bit fishy to me, but what the heck. I wish I would have captured the guilty expressions on both of their faces. It was so funny that we let him have it. He and grandma were covered in chocolate and ice cream. I have never seen that child so darn thrilled with anything. Grandmas are about the only people in the world who can get away with giving babies ice cream. Thankfully, it didn't upset his tummy.

I'm looking forward to wine club tonight. Craig went to steak night last night, so now it's my turn. We are staying home this weekend for a graduation and we're going to finish the yard, finally. I will be so happy when we can wrap up this project.

TGIF, almost!

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