After picking Murray up from daycare today, I was driving down our street and noticed that all of the trees finally have leaves on them. I love colors this time of year. The hues are fresh and promising, hopeful and vibrant. We only experience this for a short time, so enjoy!

Mondays are always so hectic in the summer. Craig had to cook for SAL at the Legion tonight, so he literally walked in the door and back out again. Murray and I went over for a burger and now we are home relaxing (Murray is snoring). Craig will head out to the softball fields around 8:30 and after, they'll head out for a beer. He will be home long after I am in bed, but that's okay. It gives me a chance to decompress, although by Tuesday morning, I'm always lonesome for him.

I'm going to finish a few things around the house, and I think I'll turn in. Good night. . .

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