Vac vs. Mop

It's time. We can't take it anymore. We have to sleep train Murray. We are allowing him to set the rules, which we swore we'd never do. We're exhausted and Murray is out of sorts, thanks to this night waking, so it's time to say hello to saying good night. I have spent hours upon hours researching the many different methods of sleep training. There are so many things to consider, which makes it almost impossible to choose an approach. The next few nights are going to be tough, (I honestly don't know how we will be able to let him cry it out) but I am assured that we will all be thankful when Murray is sleeping through the night.

We are very excited for Murray's sixth month and our family photos tomorrow. Jennifer is taking them again, and I already can't wait to see them. Rudy and Nala will be there too. They both went to the groomer on Saturday, so they are looking their best. It should be a fun afternoon - I'm hoping for sunshine.

I used my new mop yesterday, and I am pleasantly surprised at all she has to offer. There are definately benefits to using her over Vac, but I'm still not convinced that she can perform as well as he can. For instance, Mop manuevers around furniture and corners a bit easier, but Vac sucks up his own dirty water. Mop takes up less room in the closet, but Vac is easier to clean after use. Hopefully, Vac can still be fixed and then I can reap the benefits of both. The problem with Mop is that before I even filled up the bucket, I swept first. Then, I mopped, and then, since I didn't feel like the floors were clean enough, I used Swiffer Wet (also a good option when in a hurry, though not as through as a vacuum). Mop was much more time consuming, plus, the floors took forever to dry. I'm sure it sounds ridiculous to compare floor cleaning devices such as I do, but I really can't stand dirty floors. It's gross when you walk around with bare feet and they feel gritty, or when your socks turn black. Plus, I have a baby who will soon begin crawling all over those floors, so it's vital they are kept clean. I own six differernt floor cleaning devices - I'm thinking I should write an article for Consumer Reports! Nothing works better than elbow grease on your hands and knees, which I try to do once a week, using a Vac/Swiffer/Mop combo the days in between.

We are looking forward to a quiet family evening at home. The back yard is coming along nicely; we're almost ready for a load of black dirt. Now, if I could just get to my hostas. . .

Pray for sleep!

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