Marriage = Teamwork

We all have things that we excel at and then, there are those other things that we could do a bit better.  For instance, when it comes to our household, DH is the picker-upper-organizer-put-things-in-their-place guy.  Myself, I'm the sanitizer-scrubber-make-sure-the-ants-stay-away guy.  Craig is also the do-the-laundry guy, but I'm the clean-clothes-putter-away-guy.  Our personalities work beautifully when we sync.  And when we do, we're an amazing team.  
There are times though, when we aren't on the same page.  Last week, I decided to clean the entry way.  Doing so, I shoved everything from it into the front porch and put back what we needed...and left the the porch.  Craig was sweet not to say anything and he still isn't pushing me about finishing the job I started.  I suppose it has to do something with the fact that he cleaned the truck and put the junk in tubs (that I had purchased to organize the porch stuff) and placed them on one of the couches.  At least his mess is contained and we can approach it when we have some time.  Besides, most of it is the boxes from my old office which I'm still struggling with the fact that I have to put away.  Sometimes, when I know that DH has a particularly busy travel schedule, I will even help with the mowing (this doesn't sound like a big deal, but our mower is self propelled and only has one speed - FAST - which means I'm literally running behind it and wheezing and sneezing the entire way).  Doing chores that will ease his load makes me feel as though I'm a contributor.

But when we go to Craig's parent's home, or the lake, we manage to stick together.  I may help with cooking or cleaning, but Craig is mowing, updating the computer, picking up dog remnants, washing the boat or dishes, and what have you.  My point is simple: even when we don't agree, it usually works out in the end.

This is one of the very many beautiful things about marriage; pray together, stay together.  Work together, stay together.  It just doesn't get any better. 

God bless our late, injured and active troops. 

One more thing:  Does anyone know how to transfer pictures from my phone to my blog?  I've tried, but it's not working.  Thanks in advance!

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