Extreme CLEAN Home Makeover: The Beckerleg Edition


Sounds funny to go from there to here, but it is what it is.  See below.

The ants go marching one by hurrah, hurrah!
The ants go marching none by none HURRAH, HURRAH!

Yes, we had an ant problem.  I was too embarrassed to admit it, but it turns out that in cool, wet, temperatures, it can happen to anyone.  I went through approximately $100 and four hundred and fifty-nine hours of cleaning to rid our home of them, and I do think, just maybe, I've succeeded.  And they weren't the nice sugar ants either.  They were huge and nasty and black and just gross. 

Speaking of cleaning, keeping busy has been a life saver for me.  Housework to the extreme, yard work (woman on a mission), working ahead on school work (again, woman on a mission) and I'm beginning to feel a bit better.  My hands are raw, my body aches and I'm probably smelly, but it's good.  I have been deep cleaning this house since the "unfortunate incident",  but it's been worth every second.  The strange thing is, I can't stop.  I really don't have any other major projects, but every time I turn around, I think, "Oh dear, the ceiling fans need dusting", or "Shoot, I scrubbed the entry way, but forgot to put everything I threw in the porch back" or, "For crying out loud, now I have to sweep...but I just did!" So I guess I do still have some big tasks left.  Good thing, too.  I love to be busy?????.

After a wonderful, but long day, Craig and I have collapsed.  As my dear Grandmother says, "the housework is never done".  She hit the nail on the head, as usual....the key now is to keep up with it - another great piece of advice from the Great K.  And don't be afraid if you visit us and I'm spraying Raid Indoor and wiping every little surface with bleach.  It's just my new normal.  Good riddance, ants (although I'd like to tell you to get the bleep out)!

P.S.  I would LOVE to hear any advice for cleaning and maintaining the clean.  HELP!

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