The Ant Saga: Part II (or is it three or four) and Other Stuff

I have scrubbed, and when I say that, I mean bleached, scrubbed, and rinsed every single surface in this house.  Door frames, walls, ceiling fans, cupboards, the refrigerator, window sills, and base boards.  I've cleaned the basement, pulled out every piece of furniture and appliance and scrubbed underneath and behind.  After all of that, I sprayed Raid Indoor (twice) and sprinkled the outside with ant killer.  So when I spotted the darned ant again, I was livid.  But, I "re-Raided everything I could think of (besides Murman), and then, it happened.  If ants could fly, then that's what they did.  A trail of them (and a large one) streamed from behind the fridge (said area was raided, then scrubbed, and then raided again with me yanking the damn thing out myself a week prior from today) and then I lost my marbles.  My rage could be a combination of losing my job, struggling and juggling homework and the house and the fact that there are only four more episodes of Oprah, but I did it - I flipped.   I don't think it has anything to do with anything other than my war against the S&*^$ ants.   Please allow me to remind you that this house has been as clean as a hospital since the "unfortunate incident".  I just can't get rid of the ants, and I've tried EVERYTHING!  Suggestions?  Please? Anyone?  HELP!

Good news to share; I've scored very well on my first few assignments.  Summer courses, especially online are incredibly demanding and I'm thrilled that I've been able to not only keep up, but make the grades!  Go me!

I went back to the doctor yesterday because my allergies have been getting worse.  I love Dr. J.,  but I should have just called the Great G.K., an expert on most things, one of them allergies.  She reminded me that not only is the cat a problem (sadly) but so are feather pillows and any sort of dander.  When I used her words of wisdom to analyze the symptoms I've been having, so many things made sense.  In fact, please excuse the poor paraphrase: G.K. said, "Allergies are cumulative.  The more triggers you add, the worse the symptoms become."  What I thought was strange is that for most of my life, I haven't had seasonal allergies.  I learned that they can develop over time, and best of all, I'm not a hypochondriac.  At least, I think not.  So for now, I'm closing the windows, the cat has a new home, and tomorrow, I'm going pillow shopping.  The good news?  My oven is clean. 

Happy weekend.  My your life be allergen free and your floors never be dirty.  Good luck with that.  :)

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