Chin Up, Buck Up

I've had sme time to process since last Wednesday when I announced the latest hurdle.  It sounds easy to move on, and sometimes, it feels that way.  That's not to say I don't  have my moments.  Relying on my inner strength, my faith, family and friends is helping.  Today was the first day that I went to the office, despite the fact that I was dreading it.  I woke up this morning with an attitude of, "take names and kick a**, but Craig reminded me that it's not my style, or in my blood to do so.  So I went to work with a cheery face, worked on getting organized for the people who will be taking over my work, and grinning when I wanted to cry (not that I didn't have tears when I left). 

I had a quick, healthy lunch, came home, started some more house work and when I couldn't help it anymore, I called my loved ones.  I feel better at the moment, and remain positive that I will continue to do so.  As I've said before, keeping busy is an immense relief.  By the end of the week, the majority of deep cleaning will be done and then I will focus on my creative writing course (which I need and am excited about). 

As far as projects go, does anyone have advice for caring for an out of control Umbrella Tree Plant?  I love it dearly, but am afraid to split and and re-pot it for fear of an untimely plant death.  The poor thing is thriving, but her roots are growing out of a very large pot.  Help!

The best news?  I don't have to worry about missing Ellen or Oprah.  If I work hard all day, I can have 2 hours of entertainment and solace until we begin our evening.  LET'S DANCE!

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