She's On Her Way

 If you've been following for a while, you will know that our sweet Golden Retriever, Nala, passed away right after Thanksgiving.

We miss her still.  She'll always have a special place in our hearts.  It's taken some time for all of us, including Rudy, to adjust to her absence.

And though we can't replace her, we've felt a void.  We really weren't ready to add another permanent dog to our home, and we definitely were not ready for a puppy.  But still, we I felt a calling for another big hound.

I did some research. I found an organization that I felt was a good match - Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota.  I couldn't resist.  I quietly - meaning I didn't tell DH - filled out the foster application.

Slowly, carefully, I planted the idea of fostering a dog in Craig's head.  I've learned that introducing an idea to him a bit at a time and letting him mull it over is usually the best way to get what I want. 

But, SHHHH!  Don't tell him I wrote that. 

He agreed on letting RAGOM conduct a home visit, which I thought was a positive step. When the evening was over, I had a pretty good feeling that he would agree to try fostering.  I was right.  Introducing Molly:  (this is her description from the RAGOM staff)

Molly is a 9 year old PB (purebred) female Golden. She is spayed and weighs 85 pounds which is said to be a good weight for Molly. Molly is good with cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, ducks, and kids of all ages....she has lived with all. Molly lives as an outside dog so it is unknown if she is house trained. She has not been in a crate, stays in the unfenced yard, rides ok in the car but gets excited. She does have storm anxiety and is afraid of gun shots and fireworks. The SO (surrendering owners) have not tried anything to help Molly with her anxieties, she stays outside when it storms. Molly is being surrendered because she does not hunt and now with their sons out of the house she does not get the attention and time she deserves. They had planned to euthanize Molly but talked with a RAGOM volunteer who told them we could help Molly so made the call to ask for our help. Who can help Molly find her new life?

After I read this, I knew that we would be lucky to foster her.

Rudy has storm anxiety, too.  And, he's nine, just like Molly, and loves to play with other dogs.  Plus, she's great around kids, so we're comfortable having her around Murray.  If she's not house trained, well, we'll deal with it.  We have hardwood floors and lots of patience, so no worries there.  I'm home a lot, so she'll have time to get comfortable with us.  Rudy can show her the ropes, and I just know he'll feel a bit less lonely when she arrives.
I just received word that she'll arrive tomorrow.  I'm beside myself with excitement.  I can't wait to love her.
Her vet and grooming appointments are scheduled for next week.  Her brand new bed is here (don't worry, Rudy got a new one, too.  I won't leave him out) and I have her collar, leashes, treats, and tennis balls at the ready.
Now, we just need Molly. 

Stay tuned for pictures.

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