Blind Faith

The following conversation took place while tucking Murray in last night.

Murray:  Mama, are there houses in heaven?
Me:         Yes, Murray, God has a place for all of His children, because He loves us all SO much.

Murray:  Grandma Kathy tickled my feet.
Me:         She did?  When?
Murray:  When I was sleeping one day.  I giggled.

Murray:  I just wanted to know if there were blankets in heaven.
Me:        Yep, there sure is!  God has lots of fluffy blankets just for you!
Murray:  Will He have my white blanket?

Murray:  Mama, are there animals in heaven?
Me:         You bet, Mur!  There are lots and lots of animals.
Murray:  How come?
Me:         Because God loves animals and people, just the same.  In God's eyes, we're all perfect.
               He created everything on earth with lots and lots of love.

Murray: What happens when you get to heaven? Are there games? Are there toys? What about
               houses? Will our house be there?  Can we play in heaven?  Do people still love us in
Me:        Yes, Murray.  Heaven is a much better place that anything here on Earth.  And, God has a
               Huge Kingdom for all of us to live together.  Isn't that great?

Murray:   What about songs? Are there songs in heaven?
Me:          Yes, in heaven, everyone sings with joy, because they love God and heaven so much.

I relied on my Catholic upbringing and blind faith to get through this conversation.  More devout Catholics than I may have chosen to answer his questions differently, and honestly, my Catholicism is a work in progress. 

I love that he's curious.  I just wish I had the perfect answers.  Like I said, I'm a work in progress.

Good thing he's going to St. Joseph's in the fall.  I might have to join him.


Stephanie said...

The sweetness of this converation brought tears to my eyes....thanks for sharing. I think you did great:)

Marie said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for the encouragement. I was choking back tears with every question. I love the innocence of little souls.

Hands Free Mama said...

This is simply beautiful. My 5 year old asks me about heaven a lot. My answers sound a lot like yours. Bless you for taking the time to listen so patiently and answer the questions on your child's heart. This makes me happy to know a child is loved this way. Thank you!

Marie said...

Why thank you! It's so nice to have encouragement. I just love that he has this great desire and giant faith. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Divya Pramil said...

Such a sweet conversation... So lovely...