Introducing Molly

This is Molly:

Molly is our first foster dog.  Already, we're in love with her. 

She arrived this afternoon, after being transported from the only home she's known for her nine years of existence.  Molly had three volunteers to transport her to our home, so she had a pretty big day.

Molly is an angel.  She has literally had a grin on her face since she arrived, and her tail wags constantly.  She's really matted, and very smelly, but that will be rectified on Monday at our groomer. She's extremely gentle, but again, she really needs a bath.  Pee yew! In the mean time, she's safe and getting LOTS of attention. 

In addition to the much anticipated arrival of Molly, we got to puppy-sit for Baylee.  She was one of the easiest puppies I've ever met.  We fell in love with her, too (so did Rudy).

It's been a busy day in dog land, but I'm guessing everyone will sleep well. 

Except for Craig and I.  We'll be up checking on Molly tonight, to make sure she's comfortable. 


Mel said...

Oh, so sweet! Can't wait to hear more about how she is doing!

Marie said...

Thanks, Mel! We're all still adjusting around here, but she's really calming down. I'll keep you posted. :)


Stephanie said...

Oh I so admire you for taking in Molly:) Hope she is doing well!

Marie said...

Thank you, Stephanie! A little over a week later, and she's like a different dog. She's settled in and LOVES to play with our Rudy. She went to the vet this morning and is in great health (except for a severe ear infection). She will be an aweseome in her forever home!