Greetings From Molly

Hi everyone, it's me, Molly.

Foster mom and foster dad are so impressed with my progress.  They giggle at me because I act like a puppy.  I might be nine years old, but I'm young at heart.  I love to chew soft toys, and sometimes, I steal my human foster brother's stuffed bear.  Foster mom and dad just gently take it away and replace it with my favorite stuffed duck.

My foster brother, Rudy, thinks I'm pretty great.  He's nine, too, but he doesn't have as much energy as I do.  He plays chase and wrestle with me, but when he's had enough, he barks at me and tells me to stop.  I leave him alone for a rest, and then we're right back at it!

Foster mom said that my doctor called, and the results of my fecal test were negative.  She says that's good news, but I have no idea what she's talking about.  Speaking of poop, yesterday, I was mad at Foster Mom, so I pooped in the house right in front of her.  Foster mom was confused.  She had no idea why I was upset, because we played outside all morning.  But, I've forgiven her, so I'm back to doing my business outside.  She seems to like that.  I just want to make her happy.  I felt pretty bad about going potty inside.  At least she didn't yell at me.  She just looked at me and said, "Oh, Molly, let's go outside."

Foster dad and mom keep squirting stuff in my ears.  I don't really like it, but I put up with it.  They promise that it will make me feel better.  My doctor thinks my ears have been hurting me for a very long time.  I have even stopped scratching my ears!  It feels pretty good.  I'm really trying to be on my best behavior and be a good girl.

Foster mom got me a dog bed and I love it, but what I really love the most is the couch and laps.  Foster brother Rudy gets a bit grouchy when I sit on his spot on the couch, but he just sighs and moves over.  Then we snuggle together.  I love him.

Foster mom said that a very nice lady and man are coming to meet me on Saturday, because they might want to adopt me.  I'm so excited.  They know all about RAGOM and are experienced with lots of RAGOM volunteering, so I bet they can teach my foster mom a few tricks. 

And guess what?  Foster mom and dad are going to welcome Rory 08-547 as soon as they can find a ride for her.  I just know that I'll love to play with her, and my foster brothers will love her, too.  Especially my human foster brother - he is SO nice to us four-legged pals, and he's only four years old.  I'm older than he is, so I show him the ropes by letting him snuggle with me. 

 I'm on the left.  I'm getting a bit gray, but don't let that fool you!
See?  I really, really love to rest on the couch.



Mel said...

You are so darned sweet!

Marie said...

Thanks, Mel. I owe it to Rudy (our resident Golden) and Molly. They teach me that they love me more than they love themselves. I'm so glad we can foster!