A Tribute to Lemmondrops

I've been putting off publishing this post, because I fear that it won't be as eloquent as it deserves and I don't want to sound maudlin. With that in mind, bear with me.

Tomorrow will mark the death of our blogger friend, Emilie Lemmons. She passed away last Christmas Eve after a long battle with cancer. On earth she left her two young sons; Daniel and Benjamin, her husband Stephen, friends, admirers and faithful readers. Emilie had many gifts; first and foremost, her role as a mother and wife. She also had the gift of expression. I so wish that I could have just a tiny bit of her talent. But what's most important (as our fellow friend Roxane , stated much more eloquently than I can) is that her children will know their mother by the honest and true words that she wrote, and of course, Stephen's memories. Although I never did have the chance to meet Emilie, she was a true inspiration. She helped me find passion; in motherhood, in writing, and most of all, the faith that I needed to find so much when my beloved mom passed away. From what I gather, Emilie was peaceful and humble; so much so that she never knew how very many lives she touched. She reminded me of my own late mom, who passed just one year before Em did. Emilie and I never did have the chance to meet but thanks to her, I found a wonderful friend, Roxane.

It may seem strange that I'm so enthralled with a woman that I have not met, but if you could spare a few moments, please read some of Emilie's posts. I promise that you will find yourself enthralled with a woman who loved her family, her life, and her writing.

God Bless, dear Emilie. We all miss you and know that you are at peace. Could you give my Mom a giant hug for me? I will return the favor if I ever get the chance to meet all three of your "boys".

Sometimes, there are days when you can write and write and talk and talk, but nothing eases the pain and sometimes, nothing makes sense. Today is one of those days. My prayer for all of you is that you have something or someone to be grateful for. I know that I am blessed with many!

Be safe in your travels this week, and Merry Christmas!


maggie said...

Sounds beautiful! I will think of her today and tomorrow!

Marie said...

Thanks, Mags. You are the best. I can't wait to see you. I miss you a lot!

maggie said...

Yes, we will have soooo much fun tomorrow on Christmas! I'm super excited!

Blue said...

Marie, you are so sweet, but I just have to say, you are eloquent. I have a few more years on you but you are a writer in your own right. Thanks, though, for always making me feel like I have something to offer. I love this post, and I can't believe your mother left just a year prior. That is so hard to believe. My friend Laura, who died of the same cancer as Emilie, in 2000, will be welcoming her father into heaven. Boyd Christenson died the other day. I will be singing at his funeral -- I feel so honored that I will have a part in the big send-off of a very vivacious man who brought a lot of love to the world. So, the dying and the living continues. As for us, we're stuck in Fargo -- can't get out in time to beat the storm since Troy has to work. Feeling a little blue over that but trying to make the most of it. Are you here for Christmas? Have a wonderful celebration of Jesus' birth with your sweet boy and hubby!

Marie said...

Roxane, thank you. I have a LOT to learn, but I enjoy every minute of it. There are so many times that I wish I had an editor, but God will provide me with what I need when I need it. I cannot wait to celebrate Emilie and our friendship in January, no matter what city we end up in!

Mags, I love you and can't wait to see you tomorrow. Thanks for understanding.

God bless you both and again, thank you for the encouragement! I'm so blessed.