Marriage Vows and Injured Noses

The wedding was beautiful. Ryan and Ronnie are officially husband and wife, the wedding party looked wonderful (especially Craig, if I do say so myself) and fun was had by all.

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that I'm a huge klutz. I constantly have bruises; I run into things when I'm in a hurry and fall down when I'm not paying attention. The most recent episode, in fact, happened on Saturday night.

Craig and I were cutting a rug on the dance floor. We took swing lessons before we were married, so I feel sort of comfortable dancing with him. The problem is that he is an awesome leader and I'm an incredibly incompetent follower. Two-Left-Feet is my middle name, but I love to dance so I do it anyway! Craig had just pulled me into the "skin the cat" move when we lost our grip and I went flying. I wasn't wearing shoes, so my pantyhose took over and I ended up across the dance floor. My nose of all things broke the fall. It really, really stinks (no pun intended) to have an injured nose when you have a cold. We don't think it's broken because thankfully, my eyes weren't black this morning but it's swollen and painful. My DH took very good care of me; bringing lots of warm washcloths and tissues to stop the pain and bleeding.

Murray was hysterical on the dance floor, as expected. He ran like a crazy man before the DJ started and after that it was no holds barred. He went home with Craig's parents (God bless them) and was so wound up that he went to bed very late. That was fine with everyone involved I think. He slept until 8:00am this morning.

If anyone has any funny stories to share about weddings, injuries or the two combined, I would love to hear your comments.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, okay, so we got married Nov. 23, 1991. It was a chilly but sunny Fargo day. We married at Nativity Church, had a reception, then a two-hour lull before the dance. So we rode off with our decorated car with our wedding party and extras trailing behind to hang out at our apartment...west on 13th until 45th, where we were to turn left heading south to our new digs. Well, everyone was beeping away to herald the wedding brigade, but as it turned out, we actually needed to USE our horn because a car was careening toward us! That car didn't notice our little horn amidst the many that were honking -- the multitudes had canceled out our horn! Thankfully, an accident was avoided, but I will never forget how our horn was rendered useless due to the plethora of celebratory horns honking that day. That poor little horn existed for such a moment, but its day in the sun as a hero was sideswiped by our wedding party. Just glad it turned out well. :)

Roxane B. Salonen said...

P.S. I love how you can laugh at yourself. That's a sign of good character you know. :)

Marie said...

Roxane, that is a classic story! I am so glad that you didn't have an accident. Thanks for sharing. And yes, I figure it's easier to laugh at myself than cry or feel shame. What happens happens! Can't wait to see you Thursday!