Hail Mary, Full of Grace. . .

Murray and Craig constructed a fort last night. For some reason, our camera isn't working, hence the blurry image.

Murray took this shot; we're not counting on him growing up to be a photographer. However, at least he snapped it when the floors were freshly scrubbed.

One of my favorite times to attend Mass is during the week, when the students from St. Joseph's school attend. Today is The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, so I asked Craig to do the daycare run and I went the the 8:00am service. It's so heart-warming to see those little bodies participating. Their take on all things Catholicism is so innocent; I tend to get more out of Mass when the children from school are present. Partly this is due to the fact that the readings and homily are geared towards young minds; the other part is that I don't have a rambunctious toddler in tow. Although I love having Murray with us at church, sometimes it gets a bit hard to concentrate when I'm attempting to stop him from kicking the pew, shouting at the people behind us, or asking for something to eat. Today was the perfect beginning to a brand-new day.


Momma tackles 3 said...

you would let me know if Thomas wasn't behaving wouldn't you??? He was sitting with his class for Mass today.

Marie said...

Yes! I waved at him but I don't know if he recognized me. He was a little angel!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, I had the privilege of singing at our kids' Mass today. I agree with you. There's no better way to celebrate the Mass than when it's full of young faces. And I was without my little stinker for that hour too so that helps a great deal. I'm totally with you!

Marie said...

Hey Rox,

I am envious that you sing. I love to sing but don't quite have what it takes (I do anyway, especially at church or in the car). :)

I'm so glad you had a wonderful celebration today. I can't wait for our "reunion". The 22nd works for me. Name the time and place and I will be there with bells on!

God Bless,

Momma tackles 3 said...

Thomas did mention he saw you and he said you waved but he couldn't remember if he waved back. He THINKS he did. He did know who you were. kids!