Clint Black and Conflict

I've never been a person who enters contests. Even when the prizes are, for example, a vacation in the Bahamas or front row tickets to see George Strait. Besides, since I've been in the advertising world, I've not been legally allowed to win said contests. But now that I'm not, I called a radio staion a whim today. The prize was tickets to see Clint Black (whom I love) at a nearby casino. I answered the question correctly and won! The problem lies with the fact that Craig has to be in the cities for meetings and Murray and I had planned to join him. I can't help but thinking that the concert would be super fun but I wonder if I would have as much fun without him. Craig hates concerts so I'm thinking he will skip it.

I just realized that this a ridiculous problem to have - sheesh - what's happened to me? I've gone completely materialistic and selfish. Anyway, I don't know what will happen, but it was fun to win. My guess is that the tickets will be given to someone who really wants them unless Craig is able to be home,
More tomorrow. Much love!

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