Late Night Mutterings

It's 11:40pm. Craig is finally home from a ferocious week of traveling. He woke Murray up, but the cries have diminished and he'll be asleep soon (again). Meanwhile, I'm trying to concentrate on the latest novel I'm reading. I find myself distracted. I'm on page 423 in a seven-hundred plus page book. It was riveting at first, then at the very least, distracting, but now I find myself bored to death. I will finish the book; I've never been a person who could stop reading because I wasn't entertained. I will say that this is painful reading and I hope that the last chapter will be well worth it. The first work I read of Wally Lamb's ("She's Come Undone") was fascinating through and through. I just can't throw myself into this particular book at the moment. I have faith, though, that the letters to "Lolly" will be appreciated in the end. I love to read so very much; I can't give up on a book.

Due to my recent unemployment, I've been enjoying working around the house again. I love that my husband comes home to a clean house, dinner cooking and clean laundry. I love that Murray and I aren't in a hurry to go anywhere and that we spend more time with together. I love that I have the opportunity to explore my options. I love that I have more people interested in taking piano lessons (teaching and piano combined is a passion). I pray that this lasts until God has another idea.



Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, you are a piano teacher? Cool! I didn't know that. :)

Warne Family said...

It could be a blessing in disguise!
I had no idea you played piano! I should have had you play for me!!!
GOod luck on the JOB search!!