Two Two-Year-Olds

Craig and I had a wonderful mini-getaway. Although Craig had meetings on Friday, I took advantage of a "free" day and went shopping. I can't believe that I actually have a head start on my Christmas list. I'm usually running around frantically on Christmas Eve trying to find the "perfect" gifts. I had lunch with one of my girlfriends, Tricia, that I haven't connected with in a while. It was awesome to catch up (even though I sent her to the Mall of America instead of the Rosedale shopping center - oops).

We went out for dinner on Friday evening, and then had brunch with our friends Amy and Jeff on Saturday. (Amy used to live and work in Fargo, but moved to the cities several years ago). I've missed them so much! Jeff cooked a fantastic meal, and I'm pretty sure he makes the best bloody marys in the tri-state area.

As relaxing as it was to get away for a while, we missed Murray so much that by the time he hit Moorhead, Craig and I were both so excited to see him that I'm surprised we didn't get a speeding ticket. I cannot believe what a little parrot he is. He just loves to show off all the new words he's learning.

Yesterday we went to Mass, watched the Vikes, and then attended our nephew's second birthday party. It was a great party; we're so lucky to have such a great family.

Have a fantastic Monday. I'm counting my blessings today, and there are many!


Roxane B. Salonen said...

So glad for the happy reunion with your parrot. It's wonderful you are able to get away and appreciate the journey all the more in doing so. And wow, I'm so envious that you're ahead with your Christmas list. I'm like the old you, always scurrying last minute. Have a blessed day!

Marie said...

Thanks Rox!

We did have a nice time - so important to re-connect now and again. I loved your post today, so much of it we've discussed. Happy anniversary!